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December 2021 Board News & Views

Posted on Tue, Dec 21, 2021 @ 10:21 AM

Bringing Light to the Longest Night


BlogImage-2021-solstice-2Here we are in the darkest times of the seasonal rotation, but as we look around we see lights everywhere. Lights on trees, in windows, along Main Street, and adorning quiet country homes, casting their glow out into the impenetrable darkness. A golden glow that brings in a flood of memories. It’s rhythmic traditions like these that give me pause – a time to reflect on the multitude of generations before us that slowly created these rituals-turn-holidays that we hold so dear. Bringing light and warmth into what was surely very dark and cold days.


A year ago was the first time in memory that these holiday rituals were suddenly so different for so many. Devoid of the soft warmth and intimacy we had come to expect. Instead, there were familiar faces in two dimensions, the golden light tinged with blue. But we adapted, made due, and were grateful for what was. Maybe we even found aspects that are worth keeping, that will become our new seasonal traditions.

Perhaps that will look like staying closer to home and eliminating the stress of travel, or including extended family that you wouldn’t otherwise see via the now ubiquitous Zoom. Possibly you have redefined who your family is and celebrations will now include neighbors. Maybe you have even taken to giving more of yourself to various needs in your community. 

As we arrive again in this darkest season with a new perspective, we are presented with an amazing opportunity to reach back to those long-evolving traditions we had to lay down and pick up what we treasured most. Bring it forth with renewed enthusiasm into the future. Gathering with loved ones, sharing familiar foods, rekindling old memories, and bearing witness to the
passage of time. No wonder our ancestors took these cold days to unite, exchange seasonal merriment, and burn a little extra light to chase away the darkness the winter solstice brings.

With these thoughts making my heart full, I wish all of you a beautiful Solstice as we turn back towards the light.

-Julie Tomaro, Board of Directors


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