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Run for a seat on the Viroqua Food Co+op Board of Directors

Posted on Fri, Jun 16, 2017 @ 05:30 AM

The Board has been busy planning Viroqua Food Co+op's store expansion. The building plans are progressingmike-link.jpg and soon get submitted to the City of Viroqua for the appropriate permits. As I write this, the start of construction is a matter of weeks away. For those of you with questions concerning this process, please go to the expansion news tab on our website for updates and answers to frequently asked questions. We also have expansion information at the Owner Services desk near the front of our store.

Among the other duties of the Board, beside fiscal and fiduciary oversight of the Co-op, is recruitment and training of new/replacement board members. This year, two 3-year terms are up for election. If you are interested in running for a seat on the VFC Board, download the 2017 Prospective Board Member Packet.

There are three qualifications to become a Board candidate:

  1. Ownership paid in full and in applicant’s name
  2. Commitment to attend monthly board meetings by September
  3. Read Prospective Board Member Packet and fill out the application

Applications are due by Friday, June 30. If you have any questions about running for the Board, please feel free to contact Mike Link via email (

Voting begins on August 6 and concludes on September 6 at the Annual Owners Meeting. The ballot also includes a recommended change to Article V of the VFC Articles of Incorporation. This year we found a new location where more owners can join us – the VMH Expo Center in the Vernon County Fairgrounds. Owners, watch for a postcard in the mail to RSVP for this meal and business meeting!

This is an exciting time at the VFC. It is important for all owners to be informed and engaged with the process of electing directors who are charged with listening to owners, providing goals to store management, and deciding on the responsible direction for the future of the Co-op.

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