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Posted on Fri, Dec 14, 2018 @ 03:03 PM

BoD-Peter Bergquist

Our new and expanded store is here! Thank you for sticking with us through this major project. A big thank you to our investors, owner-members, and community who made this project a possibility. Thank you for your patience while our deli was put on hold for several months, and recalibrating when our entrance changed locations on any given week during construction.

Our amazing co-op staff deserves a special thanks. Staff had to work in a dynamic and constantly changing work environment. We are grateful to have such qualified and dedicated staff. It is through our experienced management team and staff that we can deliver the high quality of service you find at the Co-op.

The Board welcomes our newly-elected Director Elizabeth Tigan. We are lucky to have VFC Owners with diverse backgrounds who are willing to volunteer their time toward the stewardship of the Co-op. The Board is elected by VFC Owners to serve and represent their interests. We want to hear what our owners like about the Co-op and what they would like to see change as we grow into our new space. We encourage everyone who would like to learn more about Co-op governance to attend our meetings and events.

This next year there will be three open seats on the Board. If you have thought about serving on the Board, please let us know by attending a Board meeting, or one of our Coffee with the Board events (see pg. 17-18 for dates). There is no better way to serve your Co-op than to join the Board.

The Co-op exists to serve our community; our local producers, VFC Owners, and any community members who shop at our store for healthy and organic foods. I am most excited about our new Co-op Community Room to be a catalyst to bring people together who share an interest in good food and a vision to build a stronger and more diverse community. The Co-op will continue to be the meeting and eating place that we have all come to love and remain part of the vitality of this unique community.

Please join the Board and VFC Staff for our Holiday Open House today, December 14, for great food and live music!

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