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Living the Co-op Principles

Posted on Tue, Jan 03, 2012 @ 11:34 AM

conversation with the boardWith 2,800+ owner-members, our vibrant food Cooperative is a powerful economic engine in the region.

At the recent Annual Meeting the VFC Board began a discussion with our owner-members about future opportunities for our Cooperative. We continued that discussion with another listening session on Nov. 28th at the Driftless Café. A number of ideas were put forth by those present and we will schedule several more sessions—including a few Saturday “Coffee with the Board” events. 2012 has been declared the International Year of the Co-op by the United Nations. The process that we are going through highlights the beauty of the cooperative movement and demonstrates several of the co-op principles.

Concern for Community

Our Conversations with the Board revolves around our wonderful community. By taking the time to look at where VFC is and where we might want to go, we have our community in the forefront.

Members’ Economic Participation

Any new direction the VFC takes depends on the participation of owner-members. Our owner-members choose to become a part of the Co-op by purchasing member shares. If we as a Co-op decide to enhance our role in the community, it will take resources from the Co-op. That equals economic participation!

Democratic Member Control

An example of this principle in action is VFC’s consideration of merging with the co-op in Richland Center last year.
We are all part of a thriving and vibrant Cooperative. Now we are engaged in a cooperative process to determine how we will move into the future. I applaud each of you for your courage to engage in the process and live cooperatively. Look for future details on the Board page of the VFC website.

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