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Owner Presentations at VFC Board Meetings

Posted on Tue, Jul 05, 2011 @ 02:10 PM

Board of Directors Frank KronkeThe Board’s main task is to represent the owner-members, which means you. Like most organizations, if the whole membership–2600 plus–came to each Board meeting we’d get nothing done! On the other hand, you should know that there is a time set aside on the agenda for your input. Here are the guidelines.

Owner-member Attendance and Presentations

Owner-members may attend regularly scheduled meetings as observers with the exception of items that are designated for Executive Session. Board meeting dates will be posted on the bulletin board and the website, and our anticipated schedule listed in the Pea Soup.  

Owner-member Presentations to the Board of Directors: Owner-members who would like to address the Board shall contact the board at least ten days prior to the board meeting in which they’d like to present. The contacted Board member will assist the member-owner in the following ways:

  • Listen well to the concern.
  • Assist in resolving the concern if possible and help the owner-member define his/her needs and/or expectations.  
  • Clarify that operational concerns are within the purview of the General Manager and not of the Board, thus referring the owner to the General Manager should an operational concern persist.
  • Alert the Chair of the Board and the General Manager about the conversation.
  • Guide the owner-member who wishes to discuss a future direction and/or Co-op policy with the Board to use the following procedure: Provide a written summary of the topic(s) to the Board Secretary ten days prior to the Board meeting for inclusion in the meeting materials. Make a presentation at a Board meeting of no longer than five minutes. Stay to answer clarifying questions of the Board.
  • No discussion of the presentation will occur at the Board meeting with the owner-member present. The number of presentations to the Board by him/her on the same subject is limited to once per calendar quarter. The Board will listen to a maximum of two owner presentations at any one Board meeting on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. The board will provide a written response to the owner comment before the next board meeting.

In summary, direct access and clear communication with you is a top Board priority.

Frank Kroncke,
VFC Board Secretary

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