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Summertime at the VFC

Posted on Wed, Jul 03, 2013 @ 08:42 AM

With summer here, I’m sure that most of our schedules are nearly full of wonderful local events Luke Zigovitsand activities. Although at times it seemed as if winter would never end, followed by a lengthy period of rainy days, the folks in the Driftless region can give thanks to be outside again. With the sun shining, local crops are growing so get ready to see them soon on the shelves at the Viroqua Food Cooperative.

The VFC gives us the opportunity to buy fresh, local, and organic products daily and on a regular basis. As the central food hub for our community, it serves not only as an outlet for local vendors, but a venue to educate the greater population who might not know much about the food they consume and where it comes from.

I am very excited that the VFC is supporting the P6 program. With signs near the designated products, P6 allows consumers to know which products are local, from small farms, or cooperatively produced. Other programs, such as “Basics”, are being used by the VFC to help folks understand that eating organic food is financially possible and does not have to be expensive.

As always, the Board of Directors is interested in your opinion. There is an open invitation for owners to attend monthly board meetings, with time alloted on the agenda for visitors. You can bring your good ideas, or express your opinion directly to the Board. If you would like to give a presentation to the Board, please notify us 10 days in advance of the meeting. If you feel you are Board material, please come to one of our meetings and consider running for the Board of Directors! We are accepting nominations until August 4th.

In this edition of the Pea Soup, you can read about the results of the owner survey. We are excited to have had 23% of the owners return the survey. This information is vital to the VFC Management as well as the Board of Directors. Thanks to all who took the time to finish the survey and give us their honest feedback!

Now back to summer. Get outside and watch your garden grow, enjoy some blue skies, good friends, and some local produce you just dug up or picked up from the Viroqua Food Co-op.

Cheers to Organic!

Luke Zigovits, VFC Board of Directors

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