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Be a Proud Viroqua Food Co-op Owner

Posted on Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

With the holidays approaching, the Viroqua Food Co-op Annual Owners Meeting was the perfectJena Sherry kick off (for you football fans) or appetizer (for you foodies). This year, we had a fantastic turn out. It might have had to do with the temptation of the delicious food, but I really feel that it has to do with the positive vibes among the owners and the fact that we have much to celebrate and to be proud of. I believe I heard the words, “The VFC gives more to this community than Wal-Mart.” Now let’s put that on a t-shirt! General Manager Jan Rasikas shared about “the numbers” but also about the VFC’s outreach.

We got to thank and bid farewell to outgoing board members Sue Kastensen and Frank Kronke and welcome the new board members, Leslie Kruempel and Shawna Bohan as well as hear from VFC Board President, Steve Tippins and Board Treasurer Curt Brye.

Thank you, owners for all you do to support the VFC. After all, what is a co-op without its people? If you have never attended an annual meeting, VFC’s are not like the rest; they are engaging and give us a chance to network and celebrate. And did I mention the delicious food? Some left with fantastic door prizes, but we all left with full tummies thanks to the Rooted Spoon. Mark your calendars for next October to seek out the date for 2013 annual meeting. You won’t want to miss it.

Be a proud VFC owner! Mention that you are an owner-member of the VFC the next time you are traveling in a far and exotic part of the United States and seek out a co-op. You’ll be surprised how many people have heard of us. That says something.

Jena Sherry, Board of Directors

2012 Annual Meeting

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