What are Class C Preferred Shares?

The Board of Directors and the membership may create Class C Stock to raise capital for the Co-op.
The Co-op uses the invested money to expand services, education, and products for the Owners and the greater community. The investors have a safe investment in a socially and environmentally responsible local company!


Class C Series 2 Available Soon!

Thanks for your confidence and support as we grow the VFC!

You will soon have the opportunity to invest in our expansion project to serve more people than ever before and grow our cooperative economy. We seek to raise $1 million in Class C Preferred Shares. This money will help leverage support from banks and cooperative development agencies seeking to invest in our community. These investment shares in the Viroqua Food Co+op are only available to VFC owners who are valid residents of Wisconsin.

Our Board of Directors is preparing a Capital Campaign Launch sometime in 2017. As a VFC owner, watch for an invitation in the mail to attend this event and learn about Class C investments.  We don’t have the final details yet – but we’ll post them on this page as soon as we have them. Here's what we can tell you at this time:

Co-op owners are the key to expansion:

  • The Viroqua Food Co+op is counting on its owners to invest up to $1,000,000 for the expansion of the store in its current location.
  • Class C Shares are a nonvoting, preferred stock offering a competitive dividend rate with a minimum $500 investment.
  • Part of our success comes from people like you, who invest in the VFC.  In return you receive a respectable dividend, as well the feeling that you have contributed to the vibrancy of your community in a way that resonates with your values.  
  • Participate in building a strong, local economy and providing access to healthy food by investing in the Viroqua Food Co+op.

Benefits of Class C Preferred Shares:

  • Funds are used to expand our current store, located at 609 North Main Street in Viroqua.
  • Capital from VFC owners means less dependency on outside lenders.
  • Preferred Shareholders earn a competitive dividend rate.
  • Preferred Shares demonstrate tangible support for our cooperative model of business and vision of our community.

Key things to know:
  • This program is open to fully-paid equity owners of the Viroqua Food Co+op who are also residents of Wisconsin.
  • All potential investors should read VFC’s Disclosure Statement (coming soon) for a complete description of the program, the expansion plan, and the risks in making an investment.
  • Viroqua Food Co+op Class C Preferred Shares are considered a long-term, non-liquid investment. Plan to invest for a minimum of five years. Redemption is at the discretion of the VFC Board of Directors. 

If you are interested in greater detail, attend one of the Board events, reach out to our Board of Directors on our website, or contact Christina Dollhausen, our Capital Campaign Coordinator.