You Own It

Imagine walking into a store where you are greeted with a smile, where the staff members are waiting to help you find exactly what you need. Imagine you can talk with the staff and they will listen to you and truly value your feedback and ideas.

Imagine the shelves are lined with all of your favorite products, many of which are grown or produced by people you know. Imagine how it would feel to be able to trust that the products in the store were carefully selected because a dedicated and knowledgeable Buyer is guided by a food policy and store mission committed to providing you with the highest quality nutritious whole foods.

Imagine that you have a voice and a vote – that you can elect who sets the policies and direction of the store. Imagine that as this business grows and profits, you would get a share of the profit in the form of check mailed to your home.

Wouldn't it feel like this was your store? That you owned it?

As a co-owner of Viroqua Food Co+op, you are just that, an Owner of the Co-op. Not many people can say that they own the store where they shop, but at our Co-op this vision is a reality that anyone can be part of.

Owner-Member Rights & Responsibilities

Owner Members are encouraged to participate in the ownership of their co-op (see the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation in the New Owner Manual). Becoming an Owner Member of a co-op means accepting the rights and responsibilities of a business owner. If co-ops are to succeed, Owner Members need to understand and take their rights and responsibilities seriously.


• Elect Directors at the annual election held by ballot.
• Review reports on financial performance at the annual meeting.
• Run for a position on the Board of Directors.
• Vote on questions put before the membership by the board.
• Vote for changes in bylaws as needed to keep the Co-op current with the law.

• Attend board meetings. Meeting dates are publicized in the newsletter.

• Serve on committees established by the board.


• Contribute to the Co-op’s capital. Each adult must purchase $75 in stock or buy one share of $25 Class B stock and two $25 Class A shares over the next two years.

• Patronize the Co-op, give your business to your business.

• Attend annual meetings.
• Vote in elections and respond to surveys.

• Seek information on issues related to the mission of the Co-op; read the newsletter and mailings.

• Contact local, state and federal representatives on issues related to the Co-op’s mission. 

• Encourage others to become members and shop frequently at the Co-op.

If you have issues or concerns regarding Policies of the Co-op, you can contact (or run for) your Board of Directors.