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VFC Myth Busters

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Wed, May 09, 2012 @ 11:42 AM

You may have seen this large “mythbusters” sign in the front of the store. It reads, “Myth #1 - It’s too expensive to shop at Viroqua Food Co-op.”

The VFC Mission is clear; our emphasis is on quality organic and local food. But our owners, shoppers and staff wanted to know for sure – if you’re buying organic and local, does it cost more to shop here? If so, how much more? To answer this question our purchasing manager, Sally Colacino, made a shopping list with a variety of items that the average Co-op shopper might purchase. The competing store was identified in our 2010 owner survey as the store our owners were most likely to shop when they didn’t shop the Co-op.


VFC Myth Busters #1

The shopping trip occurred in February. We tried to find the exact product from the list in both stores; there were a few ‘similar’ product comparisons and nine items where no organic option was available at our competitor’s store. The items on the list comparing non-organic to organic are indicated by an asterisk. No sale prices were used in calculating the total.

We are very pleased to inform you, based on our research that you can supply your family with high quality food and save money shopping at VFC!

And with our basics program, we bring you everyday low prices on staple organic foods to provide affordable healthy choices. The VFC basics product flyer is available at the Co-op at the owner services area. We’re offering classes on Cooking with the Basics soon - check our Facebook page for details.

Watch for future VFC Myth Busters- you may be surprised by what you learn.

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