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VFC's Cooperative Community Fund

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Wed, Jan 20, 2016 @ 07:30 AM

The Viroqua Food Co-op is excited to announce the creation of the VFC Cooperative Community Fund. A Cooperative Community Fund (CCF) is an endowment fund that Co-op owners may donate money to, which will in turn earn interest. As the fund grows, the earned interest is granted to nonprofits and/or cooperatives in our community that match our mission.

VFC’s CCF is part of the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF) Cooperative Community Fund Program. These funds act as endowments, where annual earnings are granted to local community groups by the participating co-op. A total of 40 food co-ops across the United States now participate in this program.

In 2015, VFC became one of 11 food co-ops approved to start a Cooperative Community Fund (CCF). VFC’s Cooperative Community Fund was established with matching dollars from the Blooming Prairie Foundation ($3,000), Organic Valley ($1,000), and The Cooperative Foundation ($1,000) for a total of $10,000.

TPCF invests the Cooperative Community Fund assets in other cooperative development funds, the National Cooperative Bank Savings, and in credit unions and community-owned banks that actively support cooperatives. Almost every new food co-op and existing food co-op expansion is funded with dollars from the cooperative development groups that Cooperative Community Funds invests in. These assets support a vibrant cooperative and community-building economy throughout the U.S. It’s a win-win for cooperatives! Visit the Twin Pines website for more information about this national program.

Consider donating your Patronage Refund check to VFC’s Cooperative Community Fund. Owners are welcome to donate money to our fund. As the fund grows, interest earned each year increases and allows us to give out more and/or larger grants to nonprofits and/or cooperatives in our community. All donations to CCF are tax deductible.

Now that’s Co-op Principle #7: Concern for Community in action!

Watch for details on the status of the Cooperative Community CCF and how to apply for CCF Grants in future Pea Soups and on our website. All donations to CCF are tax deductible. Questions about CCF can be directed to VFC’s Outreach Coordinator Bjorn Bergman at:

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2016 Winter Film Series: Food Patriots

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Tue, Jan 12, 2016 @ 03:40 PM

The winter is such a great time of the year to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. These are the best times to sit back, relax, spend time with loved ones, play board games, plan your garden, cook hearty warming dishes, and do some reading. It’s also a great time to watch documentaries about food and sustainable agriculture! To help with the latter, we are excited to host our annual Winter Documentary Film series. The screenings are FREE for all and are hosted at The Ark (address below) on the third Thursday of the Month from January through March 2016. We hope you can join us! Read more about the next film we are screening below.

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Co-op Association Scholarship Now Available!

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Fri, Jan 01, 2016 @ 10:54 AM

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