Veriditas Botanicals


Veriditas Botanicals is an amazing company that works small, family farms that take great pride in their organic farming and distillation.  Veriditas is an intentionally small, Minnesota based company. They work exclusively with Co-ops and independent retailers.

VERIDITAS BOTANICALSThe company was founded by Melissa Farris, herbalist and aromatherapist, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Melissa Farris first leapt into the world of essential oils in 1996. She started a company called Simplers – the first line of certified organic essential oils in the United States. Her business became very successful, easily spotted in natural food chain stores across the country.

But with this success came frustrations and compromises. Melissa felt a desire to do business in a more personal way. She was eager to work with independent retailers and closely monitor the quality of a smaller production. She noticed that many customers who were buying her little bottles of “green truth” lacked the education to make proper use of them. Not only did she want to provide quality, she wanted to share her passion with a largely uninformed public.

With a new direction clear in her mind Melissa Farris sold Simplers, spent some time in the lavender fields of France, then in 2002 she launched Veriditas Botanicals from her hometown in Minnesota. Today, twelve exciting years later, Melissa is living her dream as owner, master formulator and international educator for Veriditas.

The Veriditas website is full of useful information on essential oils. Using Essential Oils to further healing dates back thousands of years. This tradition was found in many different cultures around the world. Think of how powerful the sense of smell is! Ways to use Essential Oils:

  • Drops in bathVeriditas essential oils
  • Drops in spray bottle to purify air
  • Drops on mold or mildew in basements
  • Drops in body oil for massage or skin conditioning
  • Deodorant
  • Healing blends for skin or health issues
  • And Many More…

At the Viroqua Food Co-op, we have some great books in the Co-op on aromatherapy and using essential oils. Remember that most “fragrances” are synthetic and may have harsh solvents involved in the distilling process. Veriditas Botanicals essential oils are distilled purely, with no solvents or synthetics added. Especially for healing, the quality of the oil makes a huge difference. The therapeutic blends are very powerful and healing. Essential Oils can be part of a regimen of health!