Winter Radishes

winter_radish There are two types of radishes – spring & winter. Both are high in vitamin C & low in calories. Small bunching radishes like the “Easter Egg” & “French Breakfast” are spring varieties. Winter radishes are harvested later than the spring varieties & include Daikon, Beauty Heart, & Black Spanish. They are slower to develop than spring radishes, grow larger, & are usually more pungent. Unlike spring radishes, winter ones are eaten pickled or cooked as often as raw. Local winter radishes are harvested in the late fall & store well into late winter—thus they are a great local choice for winter salads! We currently have the following three winter radish varieties from Harmony Valley Farm of rural Viroqua.

  • Beauty Heart, also known as “Watermelon” radishes, have bright fuscia-pink flesh. These are sweeter than most radishes & are stunning grated or sliced on salads. In China they are treated more like a fruit & eaten like an Asian pear.
  • Black Spanish radishes have rough black skin & bright white pungent flesh. Cooked, their flavor becomes mild & dry, like a turnip.
  • Daikon radishes are long white roots that are a staple food throughout Asia, where they are eaten cooked, raw, & very often pickled. They can also be juiced.

Try this fresh pickled radish recipe for a tasty condiment that’s also a great digestive aid.

Radishes Chinese Style from the Victory Garden Cookbook