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Fresh and Local! Broccoli Raab, Napa Cabbage, Yukina Savoy, and Seedlings!

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Tue, Jun 05, 2012 @ 04:14 PM

Broccoli RaabBroccoli Raab from Harmony Valley

Broccoli rabe, also known as raab, rapa, rapine, rappi, rapini, turnip broccoli, and Italian or Chinese broccoli - hits peak season in early spring, just in time to grace colorful spring dishes. Check out the following link for some great recipe ideas for Broccoli Raab that you are sure to enjoy.

Napa CabbageNapa Cabbage from Ridgeland Harvest

Napa cabbage grows in a compact, elongated head; the crinkled oblong leaves are wrapped tightly in an upright cylinder. The leaves of this cabbage are light green, and the stalk area below the leaves is lighter still, a pale green approaching white. The flavor of Napa cabbage is somewhat milder and a bit sweeter than that of regular green cabbage. It is delicious raw or cooked, and can be substituted for regular cabbage in most recipes.

Yukina SavoyYukina Savoy from Harmony Valley

Yukina savoy is a brassica, the family home of vegetables including cabbage, but it's an Asian mustard green. Similar in texture to more familiar American mustards, yukina savoy has a more delicate flavor, mild and almost sweet. It looks a little like a cross between Swiss chard and mustard, with succulent 12-inch-long stalks topped by the crinkled deep green leaves. The "savoy" in its name refers to those crinkled leaves.

SeedlingsPlants & Seeds

Seedlings from various local growers – HOT weather plants like cucmbers, melons, eggplant, etc are here in the greenhouse and are ready for you to plant in your garden.  Also, Sweet Potato Slips have arrived if you had been waiting on them.

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