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P6 Tomatillos, Mustard Greens & Best Baba Ganoush-Worthy Eggplants

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Aug 12, 2015 @ 12:01 PM


Tomatillos from Harmony Valley Farm

Tomatillos from Harmony Vallley Farm

It's Salsa Verde (green salsa) Time! These little tomatoes in a wrapper (is how I see them), are more tart and acidic than typical red slicers.  Make your traditional salsa recipe, but sub in tomatillo instead of red tomatoes and ‘salsa verde’ or ‘green salsa’ is what you come up with. Serve with chips or over homemade tamales or atop a roasting pork shoulder are just a few ways to enjoy your green salsa this year.




Eggplants from Harmony Valley Farm and Driftless Organics

Mustard Greens from Harmony Valley Farm

Never used 'em before? Since they make great additions to salads, chop them up and add to a pasta salad for a little spicy kick. One of our favorite combos is to chop the mustard greens, add chopped tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese, pasta and drizzle with a little olive oil... Voilá!

8/14: Fri. 3-6pm

8/15: Sat. 11am-2pm

8/21: Fri. 3-6pm

8/22: Sat. 11am-2pm

Eggplant Varieties from Harmony Valley Farm and Driftless Organics

Eggplant from Harmony Valley Farm, Driftless Organics & Other Local P6 Producers

An assortment of varieties and colors are available for the next few weeks from various local growers. Click here for what is possibly true to its title: The Best In the World – Baba Ganoush Recipe!

8/28: Fri. 3-6pm

8/29: Sat. 11am-2pm

to learn more about these wonderful P6 Producers!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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P6 Buerre Giffard Pears, P6 Purple Basils & Beans!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Aug 05, 2015 @ 02:41 PM


Buerre Giffard Pears from Sylvan Meadows

Buerre Giffard Pears from Sylvan Meadows

This marks the beginning of our local pear season; Buerre Giffard Pears are in! They are an early variety of pear that ripens/softens from the inside out (unlike other pears, which you want to select when they are soft on the outside). Select these when they are firm on the outside. Take a bite: they are juicy & sweet. You will also love the size of them, perfect for snacking!





Purple & Genovese Basil from Harmony Valley Farm & John Parish

'Tis the season to be making pesto & freezing batches to preserve this great summer flavor for the upcoming winter months. The Purple Basil is becoming a staff favorite... Flavor is the same as the Genovese (green), but the insects that normally eat the green leaves don’t recognize this beautiful purple plant. Also, the color does not get that weird brown color when your skin comes in contact with it. PLUS, it's more nutritious than the green! Bring a purple pesto to a pot luck & you are guaranteed to get comments, like "is that natural basil or did you add food coloring?!" It makes a great presentation when doing an antipasto platter of fresh mozzarella or smooth feta, purple basil, ataulfo mango, drizzled with olive oil & cracked pepper.

8/7: Fri. 3-6pm

8/8: Sat. 11am-2pm

8/14: Fri. 3-6pm

8/15: Sat. 11am-2pm

8/21: Fri. 3-6pm

8/22: Sat. 11am-2pm

8/28: Fri. 3-6pm

8/29: Sat. 11am-2pm

Purple, Yellow & Green Beans from Second Cloud

Purple, Green & Yellow Beans from Second Cloud on the Left 

Why does everyone just buy the "GREEN" green beans? Did you know the purple beans turn green when cooked, are more insect resistant & more nutrient dense than the green ones? Did you know the yellow ones have a more delicate skin & get brown spots much quicker than the green or the purple, but are equally delicious & nutritious? Try a new color this year & see your pallet fall for the yellow & purple, in addition to the green! Have some fun & mix them all in a bean dish!

Click below for more info about
Local P6 Producers who will sample at

VFC during
August P6 Month!


OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Blackberry Cocktails, Swiss Chard Tarts, Collard Wraps & More!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Jul 29, 2015 @ 11:37 AM


Blackberries from Scenic Valley, Readstown, WI

Blackberries from Scenic Valley

First of the season! Super high in antioxidants... Get creative with these seasonal delights from Scenic Valley in Readstown by throwing them in your smoothies, desserts, breakfast... OR – even though it's early in the week, consider delighting in this after-work Blackberry Crush Cocktail recipe, thanks to Martha Stewart. Aww Martha, you sure know what we like!

100 Mile Meal

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Chard from Ridgeland Harvest

Chard from Ridgeland Harvest & Harmony Valley Farm

Are you lamenting over the fact that local spinach is already gone? Well it is time for you to put a spin on your old spinach recipes because we've got it's cousin, Local Chard, in and you can use it the same way you would spinach!!! Consider this savory recipe for this Swiss Chard Tart, especially as some of those zucchinis start coming out of the garden, too!

Driftless Folk School

(100 Mile Meal
Class & Dinner of 2014)

Collard Wraps

Collards from New Traditions Farm

Collards are Kale's tender twin. They not only have similar anti-cancer properties, they do an even better job at lowering cholesterol! Super yummy steamed or sautéed, especially with meats! OR – try this scrumptious AND satisfying recipe for chicken salad collard wraps by clicking here!

Click the P6 below
to see which Local
P6 Producers will be sampling at VFC during August P6 Month!


OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Cha-Cha-Cherries, Local Raspberries & Green Top Onions!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Jul 15, 2015 @ 01:25 PM


Cherries from Partner Farms

Cherries from Partner Farms

The regional cherries are arriving this week from Partner Farms of Michigan orchards. The Door County cherries are in low supply this year due to the late frost that nipped the early forming blossoms and cut some of the sweetness from them, causing them to be more tart. The cherries we are getting (from Michigan) are grown organically, even though they are not certified organic. This first picking will go fast and we only get deliveries from Michigan once per week, so don’t miss out.

July Owner Discount Days

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Local Raspberries

Raspberries from Appley Ever After

The season that makes my heart pitter patter is upon us. Local raspberries are coming in! I don’t need to explain how to consume them, how to store them or even how to preserve them. We all know how we love our Raspberries, so I am just letting you know, they are IN and its time to come 'n' get 'em!

Driftless Music Festival 


Fresh Onion Bunches

Fresh Onion Bunches from New Traditions Farm

The fresh onions are being harvested now and sold as Green-Top (GT) Bunches. This is the time of year when I prepare my dinner yummies with fresh onions, which are local like scallions, fresh bunched onions, and fresh chives and I stop buying cured bulk onions. You can use a fresh onion just like a cured onion, just store the fresh onions in your refrigerator (in loose, breathable plastic) to keep them from drying out.

Mandatory GMO labeling advocates call the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” the DARK Act. Find out why by

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Broccoli, Big & Baby Bok Choys & Simple Kale Chips

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 04:05 PM


Local Broccoli from Driftless Organics

Broccoli from Driftless Organics

Broccoli is IN and just beautiful. It's coming from our neighbor farmers over at Driftless Organics and they've recently highlighted this super food through their CSA deliveries so pop on over to their blog for broccoli cooking and eating tips, along with an impressive stack of collected recipes by clicking here!



Local Baby Bok Choy

Baby & Big Bok Choy from Driftless Organics & Harmony Valley Farm

The local big and local baby bok choy are in store now! Be sure to click here for Laura Poe's brilliant/easy/quick/delicious way to roast your baby bok choy! 

for Father's Day Gifts.

Father's Day


Simple Kale Chip Recipe by Dani Lind

Kales from Driftless Organics & Jason Thimmesch

Speaking of broccoli as a super food, we say All Hail to the Mighty Super Green: Kale! Click here to get the super simple and people-pleasing recipe we are making on Monday, June 22nd, 3-6pm that we got from Dani & the Driftless Organics crew!

Mandatory GMO labeling advocates call the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” the DARK Act. Find out why by

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Eat Your Pea (Tendrils), Succulent Strawberries & Luscious Local Lettuces

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Jun 10, 2015 @ 05:12 PM

Local Pea Vines

Pea Vine Bunches from Harmony Valley Farm!

Pea vines (a.k.a. pea tendrils) are bunched & ready to add to your sautées or salads. They are tasting sweet with a fresh green bean flavor. Very tender, super nutritional & oh-so-delicious, these are a very seasonal item & will only be in store for a few weeks before the weather is too warm & they begin getting more fiberous in texture & bitter in flavor. Get 'em while they're glorious & green!

Compost PailsCompost Pails
no coupon necessary
discount taken at register
for VFC Owners only!

Local Strawberries

Strawberries from
Scenic Valley Farm
& Donny Rogers!

We officially have berries now from 1 high tunnel grower (grown in ground under giant greenhouse) & 1 greenhouse grower (grown above ground in containers inside a greenhouse). We are stocking local berries right across from cash register #1 where the bananas used to sit, so find them right when you walk in the door!

 Citrus Ginger Bellavitano - Sartori CheeseSARTORI
Citrus Ginger

SALE $4.99/5.3oz
reg. $5.69

Local Lettuces

Lettuces from
Second Cloud on the Left
& Keewaydin Organics

Our set of lettuces now includes Red & Green Romaine, Red & Green Butterhead & Red & Green Leaf Lettuces. The tad cooler weather in previous weeks produced some beautiful & great quality, local lettuces for a much better price than the drought-stricken California greens we carry year-round.

Master tips
from a
Master Gardener:
6/20 & 6/27
Saturday 1-4pm
Click HERE
for details!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm

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Hanging Baskets, 5 Basil Varieties & Organic Veggie Starts!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Thu, Jun 04, 2015 @ 12:55 PM


Local Hanging Baskets


If you are a VFC Owner, be sure to take advantage of the current savings! For the next 2 weeks, we've got hanging baskets full of a variety of annuals. The baskets are a super sweet deal; only $14.99 per basket which is a savings of $3 off! What an easy way to breathe life, love & color into your porch, walkway, sidewalk, etc.! OR - if these discounted baskets, full of such personality, don't tickle your fancy, grab some of the beautiful annuals by the single pot or 4-packs to build your own unique baskets! 

Master Tips from a Master Gardener:

with Arwyn, 1-4pm

Tips to help you grow your own food this season!
(NOW until July!)


Still Time to Plant Local, Organic Herbs!

From culinary to medicinal, we carry a huge (although, now starting to dwindle) selection of herbs... With weird ones like rue, astragulus, spilanthes & chamomile, we also have more familiar ones like regular or white sage, thyme, parsley, etc... Get ready to be blown away by our impressive selection of basils, ranging from sweet, purple & lime basil, all the way to holy basil & a new one called variegated! Be sure to grab a plant or 2 to throw in that lawn garden of yours & in a few months from now, be glad you did! 


from Harmony Valley Farm

SALE $2.29/bunch
reg. $2.69

Arwyn in Greenhouse

Plants & Seeds with Master Gardener ~ Arwyn

Come grab your choice of single plants or 4-packs of organic vegetable starts! We have such an incredible selection of plants: broccoli, cabbage, kale & fennel, celery, cukes, okra & ground cherries, hot peppers, sweet potatoes, & a super gourmet selection of tomatoes ranging from black to yellow, heirloom, cherries, romas, big beef & more... Pick up some plants today and be Oh-So-Glad you did in a couple months from now when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors!

The aternative to
Plastic Wrap...
Come see how impressive this new product is & pick up
1 of 2 sizes today!


OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Edible Flowers, Watermelon Cocktails & Local Lettuces!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 03:27 PM


Local Salad Mix

Salad Mix from Harmony Valley Farm

The long awaited springtime Harmony Valley Salad Mix, complete with edible flowers in the bag, are now in & just as delicious as they are eye-appealing! Come get your salad on, we have bulk (any amount you grab), 6oz bags & 1# bags available!

Master Tips from a Master Gardener:

with Arwyn, 1-4pm

Tips to help you grow your own food this season!
(Now through June)


Watermelon is

For all VFC Owners, be sure to pick up some watermelon before next Wednesday, as it is an "Owner Deal" right now, on sale for 59¢ per lb!!! 

Now- time to impress the pants off our your cocktail guests with this recipe for a watermelon, tomato, lime, basil simple syrup & vodka cocktail from Brandon over at Kitchen Konfidence!


Prepare yourself to be distracted:

CLICK HERE to read about the

Local Lettuces

Lettuces from Second Cloud on the Left & Driftless Organics

The local lettuces are here & we've got red leaf, green leaf & green butterhead. The prices for the local varieties compare nicely to the far away California leaf & butterhead lettuces. So let this be your next great opportunity to show support for your local economy by purchasing local, organic lettuce. As the weather warms, managing local lettuces from insects & weeds gets labor intensive & prices go up to maintain the farmer's sustainability. Get them while they are priced to move!

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VFC Reusable Bottles & Insulated Mugs
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Owner Deals!
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Mouthwatering Mushroom Recipes, Magnificent Micro Greens & Master Tips from our Master Gardener

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 01:51 PM


Local Morel Mushrooms

Wildcrafted Morels as well as Shiitakes from Scenic Valley Mushrooms

Wildcrafted Morels are coming in daily & look great this year. We're extra picky on quality since they are so plentiful. Don’t forget you can extend this extremely short season by dehydrating them. Just add them to water to rehydrate & they're just as good as freshly picked (freezing: not prefered because when thawed, they are soft & mushy)! Shiitakes are in flush from Scenic Valley Mushrooms as well & are great quality, grown & cultivated from mushroom logs twice a week for us. For some inspirational mushroom recipes, we struck upon this blog that is up anyone's alley who enjoys delicious dinners (that just so happen to be easy & Gluten Free, too)!!!

Master Tips from a
Master Gardener:

with Arwyn in the VFC Garden Center

Stop in between
1pm-4pm on Saturdays
to get tips & tricks that will
help you
grow your own food
this gardening season!

(Now through June)

Local Micro Greens

Micro Greens from River Root & Dave Miles

Micro greens are coming in weekly this spring & pack a great nutritional punch compared to other sprouts or salad mixes. Click here to check out claims that they are up to 40 TIMES MORE Vital than mature plants!

There are two new flavors you may have noticed on our shelf this season: Sunflower Shoots & Micro Kales. Both are drool-worthy additions with which to top your salads or sandwiches/wraps. Mmmmm, check out this gorgeous recipe on Mel's Blog for a Sunflower Shoot, Beet & Avocado Salad. OR – go to Anjali's blog here for a Seduced by Sunflower Sprouts in a Spring Salad that is super easy & absolutely scrumptious!!!

New ways to save as a
VFC Owner
VFC Reusable Bottles & Insulated Mugs
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Owner Deals!
Please read our blog about bottled water!

Arwyn Wildingway- Master Gardener, Assistant

Plants & Seeds

1) Selling out sale THIS WEEK on our Certified, Organic Seed Potatoes from Blue Mound, WI.! Stop in if you need them since once we sell out, we won't get them again until next spring.

2) Time to buy your tomato & pepper starter plants to get them worked into your garden plots. We are past the threat of frost (I hope), so Arwyn, our Master Gardener, is putting your eyes on the multiple varieties of tomatoes & peppers that we offer.

3) Stop in on Saturday to quiz Arwyn, our Master Gardener, regarding any tips or ideas you need to help your garden or urban food plot this year. She's available each Saturday, 1-4pm in the VFC Garden Center, to assist you with any gardening questions!

Save as a

May 19-21


VFC Owners receive
15% OFF
Certified Organic Lange Farm Italian Sausages & Ground Beef
as well as
Beeler's Brats & Mild or Hot Italian Sausages!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Easy Asparagus Recipes, Rhubarb Storage Tips, New Plants Daily!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Tue, May 05, 2015 @ 07:32 PM


Local Asparagus

Asparagus from Appley Ever After, Glicks & Jason Thimmesch

No better way to wake up from a winter slumber than with the edibles that come from springtime, especially ASPARAGUS! Needing recipe motivation to become inspired by this friendly green sprig? Laura, our Sampling Assistant, created a unique & super easy Raw Asparagus, Mint & Feta Recipe you should check out by clicking here! Additionally, one of our favorite food blogs compiled 11 of their most delicious recipe ideas that revolve around this early season beauty... Click here to get Food 52's highlighted recipe list of how to get creative in the kitchen tonight with these 11 recipes!

Next Week:

May 20th


10% off all supplements, homeopathic & herbal formulas from the
Wellness Department.

PLUS 10% off
 wellness & healthy eating go hand-in-hand)!

Local Rhubarb

Rhubarb from Peter’s Farm

The local rhubarb is in, stocked & ready for your springtime pies & turnovers. The strawberries from high tunnels will be coming in this coming week too, so you can pair them together for your strawberry/rhubarb crisp. Here are some storage tips:

  • Before storing, remove leaves from rhubarb stalks & discard.
  • Rhubarb stalks can be stored in refrigerator for 5-7 days, unwashed & sealed in air tight plastic bag or tightly wrapped in plastic.
  • Store fresh rhubarb in whole stalks if possible since cut or diced pieces dry out quicker. Trim just before using.
  • It can be frozen for future use by cutting stalks into 1" lengths & packaging in airtight bags or by stewing first, then freezing.
  • Rhubarb does not need to be sweetened before it is frozen.

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Arwyn Wildingway- Master Gardener, Assistant

Plants & Seeds

New plants arrive daily! We've got a selection of fruits, vegetables & flowers. If you are not finding what you are looking for, ask for assistance since we may be expecting that item or can special order it just for you! Seed Potatoes are selling out, get them while you still can. Don’t forget Arwyn, our Master Gardener, is here on Saturdays at 1pm to share "Master Tips from a Master Gardener." Come with your questions & leave with a great deal of knowledge & ideas!

More ways to save as a

May 19-21


VFC Owners receive 15% off Certified Organic Lange Farm Italian Sausages, Brats & Ground Beef!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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VFC is committed to carrying at least 90% organic fresh produce, of the finest and freshest quality possible. Priorities in the selection of produce shall be as follows:

1. Local Certified Organic (seasonal)
2. Good quality Certified Organic from closest possible source
3. Local Non-certified Organic (seasonal)
4. “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM)
5. Local (non-organic)
6. Conventional on temporary basis and only when organic or quality organic is not available

Local Farmers

For more info about various seasonal produce, visit the following links:

Satsuma Mandarins!­
Winter Radishes
Fresh Cranberries!
Brussel Sprouts
Celeriac (celery root)
Local Sweet Potatoes
Spring Bulbs
Fresh Horseradish
Pears Heavenly Pears
Winter Squash
­Local Apples
Heirloom Fruits & Veggies