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Spring Dug Parsnips, Ramps & Purple Sweet Potatoes

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Tue, Apr 21, 2015 @ 03:35 PM


Winter Spinach

Spring Dug Parsnips from Harmony Valley Farm

Another traditional sign of spring, overwintered parsnips are freshly dug, washed & delivered from a mere 12 miles down the road. And you thought fall dug parsnips were sweet...!

In honor of Earth Day




Ramps from Harmony Valley Farm

These native, wild, edible onion/garlic tasting treats are only harvestable during a limited time during the spring! They can be eaten raw, cooked, sautéed or pesto'd... High in vitamin A & C as well as minerals Selenium & Chromium. Eat some this week - won't be long 'til their season concludes!

Greenhouse OPEN


Purple Sweet Potatoes

Purple Sweet Potatoes from California

Yes, this is the same variety the longest living people in the world (the Japanese from Okinawa) enjoy. Sweet potatoes taste sweet but have a low glycemic index, are high in fiber, contain lots of Vitamin C, A, B complex, Iron, Potassium & Phosphorus.

We prefer to bake sweet potatoes a long time... that brings out the sweetness & makes the skin soft enough to eat too, which you want to do since lots of benefits hide in them! Get funky & make these simple Purple Donuts by clicking here!

Owner Deals!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


Local Spinach, Local Seed Potatoes & Local Scarlet Turnips!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 05:00 PM


Winter Spinach

Spinach from Scenic Valley Farm

Greenhouse-grown in Readstown & making its debut this week… it will be available now for several weeks to come!

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Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes from Vermont Valley Community Farm

These certified seed potatoes were grown organically and locally: three good reasons to choose these over others... Get ready though, as you will have to choose between 13 special varieties. Each kind has a small description on the sign to help you better select which variety is going to be most suitable for your soil/delicious for you!

Snow White Goat Cheddar
Sale $16.99/lb
Reg. $19.99/lb

Scarlet Turnip Salad

Scarlet Turnips from Ridgeland Harvest

Lovely & rosey on the outside, crispy & white on the inside... Eat these babies raw or cooked, sliced, grated, or cubed, roasted, pickled, steamed, or mashed! Eating one medium turnip provides 54% of your daily vitamin C needs as well as 8% of manganese, 7% of potassium, & 5% of vitamin B6, folate & copper. 

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Wildcrafted Watercress, Warm-weather Seeds, Purple Cow Composts!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 @ 06:09 PM


Wildcrafted Watercress

Wildcrafted Watercress from
Robin Rieder

We’ve been WAITING for its yearly return! Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, K & manganese… Eat in salads, sandwiches & soups! Or better yet, click here for some gorgeous & ridiculously easy ideas on how Martha Stewart has gotten creative with this spring fling vegetable!

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Click here to learn more about upcoming courses with a VFC Owner $10 Discount!

Warm Weather Seeds

Warm-weather Seeds from
Seed Savers Exchange, Fedco & High Mowing Organic Seeds!

With names like Nippon Sanjaku Kiuri Cucumber, Oaxacan Green Dent Corn, Long Island Cheese Squash & Scarlet Runner Bean - how could you NOT stock up on directly seeded crops like beans, corn & squash?!


(sale good from
3/24/15 thru 3/26/15)


Fresh Deals &
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Purple Cow Compost

Purple Cow Organics Compost

Made from non-bovine sources, these high quality P6 products will help guarantee your garden success! 

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Bacon Makes Medicine Taste Good, "Gateway Dish" & Papaya Breakfast Boats

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Mar 18, 2015 @ 02:04 PM


Frisee Salad with Pears, Bacon & Blue Cheese

Frisee Endive from California

This lightly bitter member of the chicory family stimulate the liver & your own inner cleansing! Health benefits of endives, just for starters: improves skin conditions like acne, cancer prevention, eliminate constipation (pun intended), cleansing of the liver & gall bladder, & so many more... Incorporate it into your spring cleanse with this recipe for Pear & Frisee Salad with Bacon & Blue Cheese!

P6 Tailgate Party


A P6 Lunch will be available off our grill, outside on the VFC Patio!

Cabbage - Rotkohl Recipe

Recipe Now Available
to Get Your Whole Family
to Eat Cabbage!

Looking for a way to enjoy cabbage more than ever before? Look no further since we just posted our recipe for Go-with-the-Flow Readymade Rotkohl, which is our favorite "gateway dish" to enjoy cabbage (& caraway seeds)!


FREE Documentary
& Popcorn

Fresh Deals &
Owner Deals!

Papaya Breakfast Boat

Non-GMO Papayas
from Hawaii!

Most conventional papayas are GMO, so be sure to only eat ORGANIC papayas! Just like endives, they are jam packed with health benefits galore. Impress the breakfast eaters in your house when you cut one in half (to share, of course), scrape out the seeds, then fill the middle with yogurt, granola, honey & anything else that tickles your morning fancy!

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Crazy Russian Hacks Mangos, Avocado Face Cream & #ShopYourValues!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 06:27 PM



Mangos from
Central America

The most consumed fruit world wide, we have beautiful large ones in our Co-op right now! Mangos are used to make juices, smoothies, ice cream, fruit bars, sweet chili sauces, popular on a stick dipped in hot chili powder & salt, or as a main ingredient in fresh fruit combinations. In Central America, mangos are eaten green & mixed with salt, vinegar, black pepper & hot sauce. Here in the Driftless, we’ve found they go great in with spinach and avocados. Click here to watch the Crazy Russian Hacker, who gets pretty pumped when he gets to reveal like-hacks, including this new way to peel your mangos!

P6 Tailgate Party

March 21
VFC Patio

Interested in meeting some of VFC's local, co-op & small producers that supply the VFC with great P6 Products? Be sure to join us for our
3rd Annual P6 Producers Tailgate Party!


Avocados – our
All Staff Pick of the Week!

They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian & cholesterol free – so everyone can enjoy them!

Try them in your smoothie, as a Mexican main dish (deep fried in a taco), mushed in with mayo, or in your mashed potatoes, as an icing, or even as a facial cream!


FREE Documentary
& Popcorn
Thursday, March 19

Fresh Deals &
Owner Deals!

Seed Savers Exchange- Seed Packets

Seed Starting Time!!!

What are you planning on planting this year? Many early seed varieties are now in stock. Get your onions, parsley, celery, celeriac & peppers growing now!

Also, click here to check out our article on one of our P6 Producers: Seed Savers Exchange. With P6, you are able to not only shop your needs, but also shop your values!

Owner Deals!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Healthy/Lazy Cooking, Worm Castings "Nuggets" Tea, Local Radishes!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Mar 04, 2015 @ 05:32 PM

Seminole Squash

Winter Squash from
Levi Miller

This is the longest we’ve ever had local winter squash available in the co-op! These three varieties are good keepers: Seminole, Golden Nugget & Honeynut (small butternut). Enjoy them while we got them!

Want to learn the art of healthy, but lazy cooking? Click here to learn how to skip all the prep-work it takes to bake your squash! ...It really is that easy!

1% Wednesday
March 11

1% of gross sales are donated to WDRT Driftless Community Radio

Shop March 11 or offer donations at register boxes for entire month of March!

Worm Castings Tea

Worm Castings from
C&L Organic Fertilizer

These locally produced worm "nuggets" are a rich source of organic matter with lots of nutrients, micro-organisms & moisture holding capabilities. They improve soil structure & increase fertility. Use to top-dress houseplants, add to potting soil for seedlings, or make an aerated compost tea! Click here for an excellent tutorial on why & how to use your own worm castings tea on your plants this year!

Weekly Sampling

Mondays & Fridays, 3-6pm
Saturdays, 11am-2pm

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Winter Radishes from
Various Local Farms

Beauty Hearts, Black Spanish, Daikon… Different colors & flavors! 

Enjoy good health & support local farmers at the same time! Don't hesitate to ask a Produce Staff Member to sample a local radish if you are not sure about its flavor!

Owner Deals!

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Shnazzy Cabbage Dishes, Local Greens (STILL) & P6 Seed Packs!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 06:23 PM

Green Cabbage

Green Cabbage from Slattery Family Farm

For a few more days we have great local balls of brassica. Store them yourself for weeks more; in the fridge, the cool basement or in the kraut jar!

The wonderful magazing Bon Appétit has done it again & found funky ways to make cabbage, a seemingly un-shnazzy vegetable, into spunky & really quite-easy dishes that you might not have thought of yet! Click here to find Bon Appétit's recipe/photo blog on 10 Recipes to Make Anyone Love Cabbage!


 VFC Store Hours for 3/1/15:

We apologize for
any inconvenience
this may cause &
thank you for your understanding.

Salad Greens

Salad Mix from Jacob Stolzfus

Not just several colors of lettuces, but also chard, mizuna, tatsoi, and a few other flavor greens. Super tender & delicate… a treat for your winter-weary soul!

(& popcorn!)

Thursday 2/26,
for more details.

Fedco Seeds

Big "B" Fedco Seed Packets from P6 Co-op in Maine

Despite the boring white packaging, these seed packets might just be the sharpest tool in your gardening shed this year... These "B" sized (big) packs carry varieties that other companies don’t, like cutting celery (a parsley that tastes like celery). Also from this brand are "A" smaller size packs that are part of our Basics program, so therefore are only $1.99/pack!

Our seed rack has the beginning-season choices… warm season selections will arrive later.

Click here for VFC's "Fresh Deals &
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Red Beets to Make Chocolate Cake & Healing Power of Potatoes & Onions!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Thu, Feb 19, 2015 @ 12:42 PM

Chocolate Beet Cake

Red Beets from Driftless Organics

Wellness Wednesday THIS WEEK includes BEETS – & the red ones are still coming locally from Driftless Organics! Beets are an ancient, prehistoric food that grew naturally along coastlines in North Africa, Asia & Europe. They have many health properties, including being super antioxidents due to their bright colored flavonoids – so they help fight off cancer & detoxify your inner environment. They help lower blood pressure & give extra stamina, as well. There are many ways to eat them: raw in salads, juiced, roasted in the oven, or even chopped up and put into some yummy borscht soup. One better, click here to get our Chocolate Beet Cake recipe!



Wellness Wednesday
2/18 – 10% OFF
Wellness Department!

Bulk & Green Top Beets...
since wellness & healthy eating go hand-in-hand!

Potato Bags

Potato Bags from Driftless Organics

A winter standby that gives energy & comfort. Our bodies know what to do with this traditional food… The potato's fiber, potassium, vitamin C & vitamin B-6 content, coupled with its lack of cholesterol, supports heart health. Then there's the iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium & zinc in potatoes, which contribute to the building & maintaining of bone structure & strength.



& Conversation
with your
VFC Board:

THIS Saturday 2/21


Onion bags from Ridgeland Harvest, Small Family Farm & Sam Byler

Live food supports lively health. A quick glimpse at their incredible health benefits: 

  • Phytochemicals in them improve how well vitamin C works in the body, thus gifting improved immunity.
  • They contain chromium, which assists in regulating blood sugar.
  • For centuries, they have been used to reduce inflammation & heal infections.
  • Enjoy sliced onions with your food? If yes, rejoice! Raw onion encourages production of good cholesterol (HDL), thus keeping your heart healthy.
  • Powerful compound called quercetin in onions is known to play significant role in preventing cancer.
  • Bit by a bee? Apply onion juice on the area for immediate relief from pain & burning.
  • Onions scavenge free radicals, thereby reducing risk of developing gastric ulcers.
  • Those bright green tops of green onions are rich in vitamin A, so do use them often!

Driftless Folk School Class:

THIS Saturday 2/21

FREE Documentary Screening:
To The Moon:

Next Thursday 2/26

Driftless Folk School Class:
Bee Keeping Methods:

Saturday, March 14

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Fair Trade Flowers, Seeds & Potting Soils!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Tue, Feb 10, 2015 @ 12:47 PM


Fair Trade Flowers

Fair Trade Flowers from One World Flowers

Tell your loved one(s) you care about them …as well as the health of humanity. These beauties are grown & picked by people who are paid a fair wage. Singles roses & 6 rose bouquets are now available!

Did you know? Over 90% of gifted flowers in the US are given to women. In addition to fair wages, Fair Trade certification requires the farms provide employee benefits including 12 weeks paid marternity leave & childcare. In response to the required guidelines, some Fair Trade Certified flower farms have given many supervisory positions to women, which represents an enormous shift. Thanks to your purchase of Fair Trade Certified flowers, women worldwide have the opportunity to equal access of employment.


Wellness Wednesday
Wednesday 2/18 – 10% off all Supplements, Homeopathic & Herbal Formulas from the
Wellness Department!
Bulk & Green Top Beets...
since wellness & healthy eating go hand-in-hand!


Meet your
VFC Board of Directors:
Saturday 2/21

Seed Racks

Seed Racks are up & spinning!

The first round of fresh seed packages have made their way to our retail floor, which include Seed Savers Exchange & High Mowing Organic seeds.

Their pretty pictures please both our eyes & our spirits… Spring is coming! Fedco seeds will arrive shortly & varieties get added & changed all season, so keep your eyes open! If you’re looking for something specific, please ask – our friendly staff is happy to help!


Family Size
Rising Moon Ravioli
16oz; Organic
Reg. $7.69

Owner Deals!

Rainbow Garden Soil

Potting Soil from Cowsmo & Rainbow Gardens

Fresh soil & nutritious mixes to feed your plant friends. Time for repotting & the beginning of plant starting season.

Count on the VFC for your seed & soil needs.


February 12-14 10% OFF
Bath & Body Products in Wellness Department

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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Local Wheatgrass, Local Carrots & Local Radishes!!!

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Wed, Feb 04, 2015 @ 05:30 PM


Local Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass from Arwyn Wildingway

Wheatgrass, although technically a grain, is growing here in Viroqua in January! We sell it as "pet grass" because cats & dogs need greens for their digestion, but since this variety is organically grown – don’t be afraid to chew on some yourself! It’ll give you a nice shot of fresh sweet chlorophyll which is well known for its health giving properties. For instance, wheatgrass has 2x the amount of Vitamin A as carrots & is higher in Vitamin C than oranges! It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium & potassium in a balanced ratio. Wheatgrass is a complete source of protein, supplying all of the essential amino acids, & more. In addition to flooding the body with therapeutic dosages of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes & phytonutrients, wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver & blood. It helps neutralize toxins & environmental pollutants in the body. If you find you’d like to incorporate it into your regular routine, we can special order a full flat for you! Click here to read about the TOP 50 Reasons to drink wheatgrass daily!


DFS Class:
Cooking w/Organ Meats
Saturday 2/7

Wellness Wednesday
Wednesday 2/18
10% off
all Supplements, Homeopathic
& Herbal Formulas from
the Wellness Department!

Bulk & Green Top Beets...
since wellness & healthy eating go hand-in-hand!

DFS Class:
Gluten Free Baking
Saturday 2/21

Winter Carrots

Carrots from Ridgeland Harvest & Driftless Organics

Local carrots in February – are we lucky, or what?! Nourishing our bodies & our local economy at the same time. An excellent source of vitamin A, providing more than 200% of your daily requirement in just one carrot. Click here to read why you should stay far away from buying "baby carrots!" Also, for something kinda' different to to warm you up on a winter day, try this recipe for Carrot Salsa:

Combine grated carrots, lemon juice, salt, scallions, & some hot peppers or pepper sauce of your choice. Follow your intuition & taste preference as there is no wrong way to make this! Yummy to add with Mexican, Indian or Asian food!



Click here for
Gluten Free Flour
3# Bags 
Reg. $17.99

Owner Deals!

Local Green Top Radishes

Green Top Radishes from Jacob Stolzfus

Why would you want a “g.t.” (green top) radish? Because the green top is edible! Add them with the radishes to your salads or use them as greens in your sautées & soups! It’s like getting double your money's worth! PLUS – they’re still local... Wow – go greenhouses! Add exotic sunny flavors to any gray day!


February 12-14, 2015
Bath & Body Products in Wellness Department

OPEN DAILY: 7am-9pm


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VFC is committed to carrying at least 90% organic fresh produce, of the finest and freshest quality possible. Priorities in the selection of produce shall be as follows:

1. Local Certified Organic (seasonal)
2. Good quality Certified Organic from closest possible source
3. Local Non-certified Organic (seasonal)
4. “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM)
5. Local (non-organic)
6. Conventional on temporary basis and only when organic or quality organic is not available

Local Farmers

For more info about various seasonal produce, visit the following links:

Satsuma Mandarins!­
Winter Radishes
Fresh Cranberries!
Brussel Sprouts
Celeriac (celery root)
Local Sweet Potatoes
Spring Bulbs
Fresh Horseradish
Pears Heavenly Pears
Winter Squash
­Local Apples
Heirloom Fruits & Veggies