Why should I become a VFC owner?

Food co-ops have changed the way Americans look at food and farming; thanks to them we have a thriving organic and natural food industry.

When you join the Viroqua Food Co+op, you become a co-owner. You are participating in a community-owned business that supports local, organic and natural growers, local suppliers and provides jobs and services that stay within our community. Your VFC ownership represents a commitment to maintain the quality of life the Driftless Region is known for.

And there are real economic benefits, too. When a cooperative is successful, the Board of Directors can vote to return a portion of the profits to the Owners in the form of a Patronage Refund.

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Other benefits to ownership are:


How do I become a VFC owner?

Becoming an owner is simple; you can apply at the registers when you come in to shop, or right here online. We simply need your name, address, telephone number, email and your payment.


What does it cost to become an owner?

If you are a one-adult household, you pay $75. This includes one $25 share of class B** voting stock and two shares of Class A* stock.

If you are a two-adult household, you pay $150. This includes the purchase of two $25 shares of class B** voting stock (so each adult may vote) and four shares of Class A* stock.

You may pay in installments over one year, or pay in full and receive a free VFC canvas shopping bag. Once you are paid in full, that’s it. There are no yearly renewal fees.

Viroqua Food Co+op offers assistance to families and individuals who are enrolled in Wisconsin’s SNAP program. If you currently hold a EBT Card you may qualify. VFC’s Hardship Owner Fund helps struggling families or individuals pay for a $25 VFC owner share to get started on the road to Ownership. Please inquire with the Customer Service Manager.


* Class A Common stock

Sold to members for $25 per share. Two Class A shares must be purchased in addition to the initial Class B stock in order to complete the membership payments for a single equity membership. Redemption of Class A common stock is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


**Class B Stock

This $25 share is the first share purchased by new owners. It is non-refundable but gives you immediate membership rights.