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EXPANSION UPDATE: September 30, 2016

Posted by Jan Rasikas, General Manager on Sep 30, 2016 2:34:00 PM

Although expansion planning has been happening at the Co-op for a while, we’re ready for some action on the ground!


Phase I officially begins:

  • Monday October 3rd: the area by the storage shed gets cleared of concrete. We’ll put in load of good black soil (repurposed later on) to create a "holding tank" for as much of our existing landscape plants as possible. We’ll use these next spring to re-plant new areas. A big tree-spade will move some of our beautiful trees to the far east side on the lot. A few trees will come down per the recommendation of our landscaper Rebecca Wainscott of Sacred Ground Landscaping. Of course the Walnut from Sidie’s will come down – finally, no more walnuts dropping on parked cars!
  • Tuesday October 4th: the abatement company removes roof underlayment containing asbestos on the Sidie buildings. As a result, there may not be many pieces in the "recycle free pile" from these buildings. Next, C & C Landscaping folks will remove two buildings from site. All of the concrete blocks and foundations will be recycled, but some materials must go to a specific site.
  • Friday October 7th-Friday October 14th: C & C removes remaining concrete parking lot, grades the site and installs gravel base.

Stay tuned for regular VFC expansion updates and progress reports.


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