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EXPANSION UPDATE: December 2, 2016

Posted by VFC Marketing Team on Dec 2, 2016 2:34:00 PM

Expansion Update 2016-12-1

Well, we made it! The new parking lot opened before Thanksgiving! Thank you so much to our staff and customers who parked further away while we finished the first portion. It really helped and we now have a much larger lot to park in – even if a portion of it remains closed while we continue our expansion project.

We ask that people do not attempt to walk up the slope of unfinished landscaping to the apartment offices. The ground is very soft and steep.

When it starts to snow, the plows will utilize the east (back) of the lot so we may lose a few spots during the winter if we get a lot of snow.

The light poles are scheduled for installation during the week of 12/5-12/9 (next week). Whether or not those are able to go in, until then we have temporary flood lights to help with safety.

Thanks again for your patience everyone! Stay tuned here for VFC expansion updates and progress reports.

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