VFC Expansion

We Can't Wait to bring you the selection and services you’ve been asking for!

The VFC's 2017-18 expansion project  DOUBLES the Co-op's current 4,400 retail sq. ft. facility, and is expected to be completed during the Summer of 2018. Specifically, the project features:

  • A significantly larger deli, which includes: a full-service deli with made-to-order food, larger self-service hot/cold food bars, smoothie bar, cheese/meat slicing, larger seating area, and other items deemed appropriate (rotisserie chicken, hot sandwich program, etc.)
  • A bakery with freshly-baked bread, made-from-scratch baked goods, plus a greater selection of wheat-free and other specialty goods
  • meat department with room to grow for future meat processing, greater selection of fresh/frozen meats, seafood, and value-added meats (e.g. salami’'s, cured meats, etc.)
  • Larger fresh produce department for increased local and organic products
  • Additional cash register stations, bathrooms, and a customer service desk.
  • Increasing public seating indoors and outdoors, and an educational multi-purpose room.
  • Improved access and parking to customers.
  • Environmentally sustainable elements of the project include an electric car charging station, LED lighting, highly energy efficient refrigeration, reclaimed heat for hot water needs, natural daylighting, and more.


expansion process infographic